hurrah mantra of today

What if being pleased and live in full happiness was far simpler than you could imagine? Would you believe it?

What if happiness was just a frequency that has nothing to do with the mental? What if one could be happy without necessarily seeking to know to understand, without trying to get rid of one’s past to move forward…

The author unveiled you, in this small magic-talisman book, the mantra of happiness and how to connect to its frequency to be happy 24h/24h. This book will enable you to realize, how the state of unhappiness increased our discomfort by being connected to a bad frequency and how on the opposite one can connect to the one that will cause the joy.

This unique object, at first glance, that might appear to you to be a simple book, with in addition a part of almost virgin pages (which are an integral part of the concept) is in fact much more than that, and where nothing is left to chance. It can transform your life in a very short time, if you wish of course.

It is planned to teach this concept in a maximum number of schools in the world, to reach the widest possible audience, in order to show the powerfulness and the power of the mantra of this book, which can make happy all those who apply it.To achieve this, an assistance fund is created (where for each book sold, will be transferred $1) to hire the trainers able to transmit this wherever it is necessary.


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Hurrah for Today! The Mantra of Happiness

Auteur : Olivier Honsperger
Prix : 10 €
La livraison est gratuite pour la Suisse et la France ! Pour d'autres pays, merci de nous contacter !

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Hurrah for Today (e-book)

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The 52 Magic Laws + Hurrah for Today (e-book)

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