• Vive aujourd'hui ! Le mantra du bonheur
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  • The 52 Magic Law. The Secrets of Life
    Discover a unique, easy method within the reach of everyone to transform your life into a full and happy life. With this book, you make the one investment that really pays out: YOURSELF. Read more

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  • Hurrah for Today! The Mantra of Happiness
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  • Да здравствует сегодня! Мантра Счастья
    А что если быть счастливыми и наслаждаться полнотой жизни было бы гораздо проще, чем вы могли бы себе представить? Можете ли вы в это поверить? А что если счастье это просто определённая частота... Read more

  • Le sexe ce n’est pas si compliqué ! Alors pourquoi nos relations amoureuses le sont si souvent ?
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  • Viva Hoje ! Mantra da felicidade
    E se a felicidade fosse apenas uma frequência... Read more

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Dear readers,

For each of us, personal development in order to be in harmony with oneself, body, mind and soul, is often the journey of a lifetime. But the sooner we are getting consciousness, the sooner we can be in harmony with all our body cells and honor life in all its forms; and therefore to enjoy it as of now.
Magic Laws Editions’ ambition is to transmit this holistic vision of personal development with simple, short and concrete tools; straight to the point, allowing each player to improve his/her life; in order to get consciousness and be an actor of one’s life.
« Together, let us find the true humanistic values that put conscious mankind at the center of his/her being, contributing to his/her personal happiness and the one of humanity. »

Olivier Honsperger